Web based sexual harassment training

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Some abusers use a victim’s email and other accounts to impersonate and cause harm.If anyone abusive knows or could guess your passwords, change them quickly and frequently.Consider using a prepaid phone card so that you won’t get numbers listed on your bill.

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This session provides an overview of the Clery Act's requirements and how the Act influences on- and off-campus response and resources.

Dealing with violence, abuse, and stalking is very difficult and dangerous.

Domestic violence services and police can discuss options and help you in your safety planning.

Also many phones let you to ‘lock’ the keys so a phone won’t automatically answer or call if it is bumped.

When on, check the phone settings; if your phone has an optional location service, you may want to switch the location feature off/on via the phone settings menu or by turning your phone on and off.

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