Watch hyoten 2006 online dating

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i go online after a few days and i'm met with bad news (i finally downloaded yahoo messenger and this is what greeted me). maa, i'm not convinced bout this 'rumor' yet...horror movie marathon: among others i finally watched hostel (which i've been intrigued since last year when doc weng told me it was really gruesome). well, it wasn't as gruesome as i expected, i've seen worse but it was entertaining enough.

plus i love his fobby tagalog but i like it more when he speaks japanese : D i'm just so happy to be seeing him more now that he has this group!

papa was in an accident on the way to karlo's high school to get his grades.

a dog suddenly crossed the street and the driver of the motorcycle my dad was riding tried to avoid running the dog over and then the next thing my dad knew he was flying off.

and there were containers of fish behind me, and i didn't notice that water from it reached my bag WTF. i had to back up files (which is a pain with the computer i'm using -_-) and pack my stuff.

what could be worse than that is the fact that i left my ipod (out of all the other things i could've left). it could've made me less grumpy about the horrible traveling conditions which took almost a day T__T I HATE TRAVELING! and it seems like tegoshi was involved in a rear-end car accident bcoz of his lack of attention. this is the 2nd one in NEWS, ryo also was in an accident last year. tegoshi, stop thinking about ryo while you're driving, for pete's sake!

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