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For what it’s worth, the louder fans are not without purpose, however – they enabled the Express Box 3T to run slightly cooler overall than either of the other brand offerings, which can be important for long-term drive health.Note: I also received an Express Box1T on loan from the manufacturer – but since I couldn’t test it in exactly the same capacity, using 4 SSDs (it only has a single PCIe slot), and its design was extremely similar to the Express Box3T, I opted not to include it in my testing.Mac users everywhere were buzzing with excitement when Apple unveiled the new Thunderbolt port on their Mac Book lineup in February of 2011.The standard was developed jointly by Apple and Intel, and served at the time as the fastest and most advanced I/O method ever offered on a consumer computer – far faster and more powerful than Fire Wire or USB.Finally, one thing particularly worth noting about the Express Box 3T is its guts – the PCIe slots inside are placed extremely well – they’re far enough apart to make inserting and removing a single-width card extremely easy, but close enough together that the device keeps as narrow a footprint as possible on your desk. In fact, of the three units we tested, the Express Box 3T consistently gave us the fastest data transfer speeds with an identical SSD RAID setup than either the Sonnet or One Stop Systems products.We’ve already established that Magma’s Thunderbolt expansion units are extremely well-designed – but the more important question is: how does it perform? We were able to consistently achieve data transfer rates upwards of 880MB/s read speeds and 875MB/s write speeds.

Finally, Sonnet’s products are slightly heavier and more solid – but neither unit lacks in any sense in the durability department.Aesthetically, and in terms of quality, it’s difficult to drive a wedge between the two company’s devices – at least in terms of declaring one “better” than another.One way Sonnet’s products stand out in the crowd is in terms of aesthetic style.I’d have preferred Magma to choose a quieter, more efficient fan, or devise some method of muffling the constant whirring/buzzing the unit generates.The fans were especially noticeable when the unit was put under a great deal of stress – like a data transfer using 4 RAID-chained SSDs for upwards of 1-2 hours at a time.

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