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This time it is about a banker who prefers to be an event planer.The heroine also is in her late twenties and is looking for something better in her life.Who already read The Devil will probably like this one, too.Bettina Robinson just quit her job as a banker and decided to do something more interesting. In her eight weeks of unemployment she got to know Kelly, who owns a PR company in Manhattan. In 'Jade's Dance Workout' (2002), Big Brother runner-up Jade Goody - who went from a size 16 to a size 10 within ten weeks of leaving the Big Brother house - presents a dance workout routine designed to aid weight loss.The routine is easy to learn and includes a ten-minute warm-up and a five-minute cool-down and toning session.Accidentally everyone thought she is the girlfriend of this womanizer. But on the other side is Sammy, the bouncer at Bungalow 8, who looks gorgeous. Well, pretty complicated, but Bette had a hard job to do and prepared everything for another important event.Unluckily there is always a message about her in the scoop magazine.

Mein einziges Gefühl beim Lesen ist, dass Lauren Weisberger durch den Megaerfolg mit \"The Devil wears Prada\" entdeckt hat, was sich gut verkauft und nun ein zweites Buch geschrieben hat, dass dem ersten zu 89% gleicht.But although this novel is quite similar to the first one, it is fun to read.The book is very entertaining with a lot of funny dialogs and situations.Diese beiden stellen dann allerdings auch die Lichtblicke im Personenregister dar.Es gibt wieder eine beste Freundin, hier jedoch aus New Yorker Socialite-Familie, die nicht dem Alkohol verfällt, sondern einem drogensüchtigen party-liebenden Verlobten, der sie von New York weg an die böse Westküste entführt.

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