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These were transported down local rivers and the new canals to ports such as Newport, and Newport Docks grew rapidly as a result.Newport became one of the largest towns in Wales and the focus for the new industrial eastern valleys of South Wales.Newport has been a port since medieval times, when the first Newport Castle was built by the Normans.

The Newport Rising in 1839 was the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.It was buried in rubble excavated from the Hillfield railway tunnels that were dug under Stow Hill in the 1840s and no part of it is currently visible.and was granted a second one, by Hugh Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford in 1385.Newport was the site of the last large-scale armed insurrection in Britain, the Newport Rising of 1839 led by the Chartists. The City of Newport, which includes some surrounding rural areas as well as the built up area, is governed by Newport City Council.During the 20th century, when the docks declined in importance, Newport remained an important manufacturing and engineering centre. Bronze Age fishermen settled around the fertile estuary of the River Usk and later the Celtic Silures built hillforts overlooking it.

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