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Ancient Greece represents the birthplace of democracy in the history of western civilization.

Ancient Greek democracy was not extended to all city-state residents, and the Greek peninsula was a collection of city-states in competition with each other.

Prince William adopted the reigning name of George I, and a new constitution was written with power invested in the Greek people, a single-legislative chamber, and a monarch with specific but substantial powers.

Political personalities and political clubs came to characterize Greece in the late nineteenth century.

Trikoupis was arrested for treason for his comments, but he was later released and went on to serve as Greece's prime minister.

The political pressure applied to the monarchy by the print media led to political reform.

Conflict among the Greeks led to their conquest by Philip of Macedon and the Greek incorporation into the successive empires of Alexander the Great, Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottomans.

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Greek nationalism was thwarted, but the desire to bring all Greeks under one national flag would add a new theme to Greek politics and newspapers.

World War I and King Constantine's attempt to keep Greece neutral led to political rivalry between the palace and Eleutherios Venizelos, one of Greece's most influential politicians of the twentieth century.

The dispute over national policy led Venizelos to claim that King Constantine was pro-German and disrespected the wishes of the Greek people to join the Allies against the Central Powers.

Greeks regularly expressed their views in oral debates and in print—their positions frequently in opposition to government policies.

Both political clubs and artisan guilds brought out the voters and imposed their views upon the nation.

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