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You can either click the /- signs at the top and bottom of the bar, grab and drag the Zoom slider, or click anywhere along the Zoom bar to instantly move to that zoom level.You can also roll the mouse wheel to quickly and easily adjust the zoom level.The camera starts zoomed as far from the hole as possible, but you can zoom into the hole to focus down on whatever details you find most important.There are a few ways to do this using the Zoom Meter, which is located on the golf bag in the lower-right corner of the screen.Clicking the mouse wheel button will return the camera to the most zoomed out view.The interface for shooting the ball in Mini Golf Madness is fairly simple - move the aiming line where you want the ball to go, pull away from the ball to set the strength of your shot, then click the left mouse button to shoot. Don't worry about inadvertently shooting the ball when you click to pan the screen, either - we detect movement before you release the mouse button, so you won't shoot by accident.After clearing out these dialogs, you'll have the opportunity to place the ball anywhere on the tee.

When you start a new hole, the game will give you some information about new elements you haven't seen before.You'll have to take the effect of these hazards into account on most shots in order to get good scores in Mini Golf Madness.On certain shots (especially from the tee), it may be possible to align the aiming vector with a landmark - such as a particular bend in a wall or nearby obstacle - to help you line up a reliable shot.Playing the front or back 9 is good for practicing and honing your Mini Golf game skills, but you won't get a Jackpot Spin unless you play through a full 18-hole course.Some future courses may only have 9 holes - in that case only the Full Course button will be available.

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