Leyla milani dating

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She insists she has known of her involvement in the saga only since last week. I had never heard of Professor Frampton before last week.

‘I’m worried that though I have done nothing, I might be suspected of being involved.

My Facebook page, where I have 200,000 fans, was also hacked a few months ago.

I am very worried that I have been targeted.’In a telephone interview last week from the notorious Villa Devoto prison, Prof Frampton, who is professor of physics and astronomy at the University of North Carolina, said he had been communicating online with someone purporting to be Miss Milani for 11 weeks before his arrest.

She tells him that she won Machinist of the Year in 2007 and left her last job because of "inappropriate overtime" with a young manager.

Eric gives her the job and Leyla soon makes friends with her colleagues and joins the St.

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