Humorous online dating headlines

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No one inside the post office recognized me either!Maybe they thought I was a wanted man trying to hide my identity.• For fans of the Chicago Bears..about a team worthy of the “Monsters of the Midway” tradition?• A great gift for our mayor and city council members would be a good night’s sleep before voting whether or not to rezone Route 51 and Ash Avenue for commercial development.

” An attorney was getting off of the elevator as I was getting on, and I’m not sure he even knew who I was, even though his office is next to the Tribune offices and we’ve talked many times.After all, I looked like a police artist’s sketch of a wanted man that we run in the Tribune.I WAS glad to get back to the office and get out of my “winter disguise” as my office manager again observed “that doesn’t even look like you”.I grudgingly grabbed the stocking cap, stuck it my overcoat pocket, and then used my hands to cover my ears on my walk to the office.WHEN I had to get out and walk to the post office in sub-zero weather later that day I decided to try the stocking cap.

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