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Note 5 - Achiasi to Kade is now a branch line on the Central Division. Note 6 - Kotoku is the junction of the Central Division with the Western Division.

The following table lists some of the stations and flagstops (halts) that existed at one time on the three Divisions. In the latter days of operation on these lines, very few of them were in service.

The harbour upgrades will improve the cargo-handling capacity of the Tema harbour and port; and the amount of freight will continue to rise as Ghana’s economy maintains its high rate of growth, with expansion tipped to come in at just under 8% in 2013.

#1670 is a GMDD (General Motors Diesel Division, London, Ontario, Canada) model GT18LC-2, 6-axle, 1,500 horsepower, diesel-electric locomotive, part of an order of 15 ordered in 1995.

An old fishing village called Torman was the proposed site for the harbour's construction.

The rapid industrialization that followed Ghana's independence led to the town adopting the name Tema from that of the fishing village.

The harbour handles 80% of Ghana's national exports and imports.

The Tema Harbour and Port of Tema is undergoing an expansion and investment of 5 million in infrastructural upgrading at the Tema harbour and port of Tema as part of efforts aimed at expanding facilities of Tema port to meet rising cargo traffic by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA); and in which the expansion and investment will go into the purchase and instalment of cranes, reach-stackers, ship to shore cranes, among others.

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The harbour has 5 kilometres of breakwaters, 12 deepwater berths, one oil-tanker berth, one dockyard, warehouses, and transit sheds.

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The construction of the harbour was proposed by the British who ruled the Gold Coast before its independence.

The company enjoyed the status of a public corporation until 19 March 2001, when it became a limited liability company.

The original 304-kilometre (189 mi) Eastern Railway was built in 1923 by the British for the purpose of hauling minerals and cocoa.

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