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You still have around 4 days." i waved my half eaten piece of broccoli at her. Instead, I began thinking of my aunt's special lessons she gave Laura down in the basement. And to think that I wanted the same thing for Amanda, my best friend... The last thing I wanted now was for my sister to know how I could have helped her but didn't. As the silence stretched, she finally let out another sigh. "I will always be there for you, Laura." I didn't know why I said that, but I said it nonetheless. Chapter 4 The mall was packed since it was a Saturday.

"I mean, thank you Aunt Mary." I ignored Laura's slip of her tongue. And then, I wanted to slap myself for not only condoning the actions in the past few days, but also enjoying watching them too. I tossed and turned in my bed but it didn't help me getting any sleep soon. When I thought back about everything that had happened to my sister and how I failed to inform the authority of a sexual abuse, my heart cringed. " I muttered into the dark room, hoping that she's still awake despite the odd hour displayed on the digital clock. " she responded with an uncertain voice that reflected mine. " I asked vaguely, fearing that if I put in too much details, she would suspect I knew. I rolled my eyes, but decidedly not to say anything since that would make her suspicious of my involvement, or lack thereof. "We should sleep now." Without much things to say, I lied back on the bed and decided to let it be. I would ask her tomorrow, when we're out and in the safety of the public.

My sister shot up from the ground and went for the seat without question. If i didn't know about the basement secret, i would have probably thought that she had been possessed or hit her head too hard. I quickly held her cold hands and drew them to my laps as I sat beside her. " I asked compassionately as if I was talking to a sobbing five year old. I snapped to my aunt grudgingly, not so much on the things she did, but damn her for not at least telling Laura that it wasn't her fault. Despite the fact that my sister can be an asshole at some point, seeing her like this was making me uncomfortable, almost guilty. "Dinner is ready." my aunt said nonchalantly while landing two plates of grilled beef and veges on the table. Or was she threatening her with the lewd tortures she administered these past few days. I promise to help her out." I pleaded my aunt deceitfully, "Please, aunt Mary, can we go shopping? Embarrassed and shamed by the thought, I turned away from my sister. "But why -" I snapped loudly and several curious eyes turned to me.At that instance, I was almost convinced that everything I saw down in the basement for days was only a figment of my imagination. It would take an hour before she would shut up about it. "Because you enjoyed watching it." she finished it for me. "Great." she turned to the counter, obviously deliberately trying to avoid eye contact. Maybe it was, since she did make the queen of the jungle into a docile little kitten. I don't even know what is right and what is wrong anymore. Despicable as it might be, i thought i should test it out my sister's new gained compliance. "I guessed because I didn't want you too." Slowly, she shifted her gaze to the windows again. Aunt Mary really did turn Laura into a submissively obedient girl. I wanted to grab my aunt's collar and yell at her to give me back the old Laura. You mean being fucked six ways to Sunday by Aunt Mary? Laura was a confident and bright girl before all of this. "...different." After a long pause, I heard her shifting in her bed. "I uhm...learned a lot during the interview." Interview?

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