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– The front buttons of your shirt open to the limit your chest hair are oozing out.

– Wearing absolutely the worst combination of clothes and appearing really happy about it.

It has been discussed above that your profile should be completely filled and look impressive.

Secondly, your profile picture plays a very important role, so choose it carefully.

You cannot describe a painting the way a painter or a critic would, and because you cannot write they way they would write about a beautiful painting, don’t ruin it for yourself!

Don’t comment or message her stuff like- ‘You look so beautiful/ cute/ innocent.’ – They repeatedly message a Hi or Hello, or many a times some piece of poetry that wouldn’t even make any sense for her as what to reply.

(if it’s a good laugh, then of course yes) – Of you and you roommates in your room with your boxers or shorts on, unless you have shaved legs.

The point behind focusing on your profile is that your profile represents you.

Even though she might not just read your profile right away, but once you strike an impression in her eyes, she will.

It doesn’t matter how you look in the pictures, what matters is the surrounding, quality, your clothes, your actions, and of course the place.

For example: Don’t put a picture such as: – You are smoking weed with your collar raised, wearing a cheap red-colored shirt and aviator shades.

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