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It is my hope that any unbelievers who read this may take these things to heart and be converted, and that the true believer may be strengthened in their love for their God and Lord as they are reminded of His goodness and mercy toward them in Christ. my Photos are a bit old if you like a recent one let me know.

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This introduction has little to do with me, but has everything to do with the Christ that we claim to believe in. To be sure, this is a completely counter-cultural claim in an age that has Dog person. I'm looking for a woman that I can treat with respect, honor, I'm proud to hold her hand in public. If you're looking for devotion and love I have that if you're willing to accept it. cuddling is the best thing, kissing too. I have many Passions and gifts: three of them are drawing, caring for children, and singing. Hello, I am looking for a man who prefers to get to know a women, as a friend first. Just as a FYI-If you are looking for a friend with benefits, I am Not that women. 4:3-5, 1 Corinthians 6:9 & and 2 Corinthians ) I am looking for a man who looks to God for guidance first, in directing his life, along with putting God first.Hi I'm Benjamin & I'm a devoted Christian & I love my family very much & I also love Jesus with all my heart & I'm looking for someone that I can share that love of Jesus with & also will share it with our children as well & I'm also looking for someone that loves going camping,traveling & long walks on the beach & someone that wants to raise there children on a farm along with our other animals that we will own has to be first then husband second & then children third and wife that loves to hold hands when we go on walks or loves to snuggle on the couch with a good movie on tv Or Welcome! I determined to have at least 6 through birth and adoption . I am looking for a gentleman, who always holds the door open for a lady. i am Starting to workout again, trying to stay health/eat healthy. Lo L i don't go out much but wouldn't mind going to the park or anything that get me out of the house.

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