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He was looking to do something a bit more universally appealing, During his freshman year, he acquired a Work-Study job at the college’s coffeehouse located in the basement of the school’s Donovan Dining Center.There, he became aware the blossoming singer-songwriter scene in Providence and had the opportunity to take in performances by such area notables as Jay Bolotin and Ken Lyon and began performing as a solo, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar.He joined Kenny in a lineup which also featured David Di Cenzo on bass, Al Paglio on lead guitar and John Rainone on keyboards.The band continued on through John’s and Kenny’s college years, moving away from its Top 40 roots, and were recognized as one of the best young bands on the club scene.He also re-connected with his high school friend, Kenny Silva.

Their full biography and complete discography follow below.The band did not get much past the edge of the driveway, but by freshman year of high school at La Salle Academy in Providence, and after Steve’s departure, John and Hank had evolved into a new unit called The East-West Blues Band named after The Butterfield Blues Band’s second album.(Within a few years, Steve Smith had formed Naked Truth, now known as Steve Smith & The Nakeds, one of the longest-running bands in Rhode Island history.(Legend has it that Bobby rolled that piano down the street to attend his first garage band rehearsal!) Due to the condition of pianos (or in many cases, simply the of a piano) in the venues available to young bands, Bobby switched to organ – at first, a portable combo model and by the early ’70s, to the Cadillac of the instrument: the Hammond B-3 with a Leslie rotating speaker cabinet.

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