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Later, they waved as they drove out of Raqqa heading for the internally displaced persons camp where their families were staying.

They used a side of the road also not cleared of mines.

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While a small handful of militants insisted on fighting to the death, the last three or four hundred agreed to an evacuation deal designed to let civilians escape the city safely.

It is so heavily mined by Isis it is not safe to step off the road in most neighbourhoods; the militants have been known to leave improvised explosive devices to slow the advance of their enemies, and to inflict the maximum amount of pain and death on innocent people too. Door handles, shoes, even children’s toys have been used to kill in the past.

One day while the fighting was still going on, a Kurdish fighter of the SDF pointed out a new black Mercedes that had pulled up outside a house.

The SDF jeered and called them cowards as they left in pick-up trucks to retreat into the desert.

Journalists were not allowed on the front line during the operation, and many questions remain as to how it was brokered.

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